Imagine that you are already in Europe on vacation, and you want to travel to more place while you're here. Why not take a weekend to go visit Italy or France? Hop on a plane to London or Spain. While you're in Europe you should enjoy the sights, and make an effort to see everything you can during your stay. It is easy to travel across Europe once you are already there. Contrary to popular belief, it's really easy because the countries are in such close proximity to one another. It's not like the US, where states are so far apart it could take days to get to some places.

This is Europe, and they make travel readily available.


I discovered this fantastic travel app not even a month ago, and whoever created it is a genius. It works very similarly to most travel apps, finding the cheapest flights for the days you want to go, except their flights, are dirt cheap. I know this is hard to believe, so let me give you an example. Let's say you're unsure of where you want to go but you know the dates you want to travel. Well, you can simply put in the dates and your departing airport, and it will show you all the places you can go, as well as the price for the ticket.

Leaving from Germany, I've heard of people who have visited other countries for less than thirty dollars a person.

Not to mention, the app also has a separate section for both hotels and rental cars. Theoretically, you could plan your entire trip on this one app. Planning a four-day trip to London for my husband and I was going to cost less than two hundred dollars round trip, including hotel fair.

Ryan air

Although Skyscanner takes into account flights from Ryan Air, you can also go directly to their site and look up flights yourself, if you know where you want to go.

The only reason it's better to use Skyscanner is that they find flights that you normally cannot find when searching through Ryan Air by yourself. I'm not sure why it's different on their platform, but I've noticed that it is. When you're on their site, they only allow you to fly to certain airports from where you are located.

There are even times when they only permit you to fly out on certain days, usually weekdays. On Skyscanner, it's just much easier, but Ryan Air is also an option.

I have a friend who swears by Ryan Air and even has the app on her phone. I recall her showing me a flight she had found to Italy for only seventeen dollars round trip. The catch was that the flight departed during the week, which was not an option for my husband and I but may be an option for others traveling around Europe.