After being invited to Prague with a couple of our friends, my husband and I decided to take a trip over there. It was last minute, and we only stayed for one night, but it was definitely a great experience. In fact, we plan to go back very soon. We didn't get to see a lot while we were there, but we did notice that Prague is similar to New York City. It reminded my husband of being home, and he felt as though he was driving in New York, not in Europe. Obviously, there are some major differences, but if you are from the US, you'll still relate Prague to New York.

Driving in Prague

Although I do not enjoy driving, especially in the city where it seems extremely dangerous, my husband actually enjoys driving anywhere. He drove us two and a half hours to Prague, and then also drove in the city. Even from the passenger seat, it was scary to me. People pulling into spaces barely big enough for them to fit. Pedestrians not caring about their life and walking right in front of cars, as though they are invincible and incapable of injury. Not to mention, the trollies that do not really stop for anyone.

There were cars everywhere just like in New York, of course, parking was hard to come by though. We drove around for about ten minutes just searching for a parking spot.

In the end, we parked in a garage and just paid since there was no free parking. Definitely just like the city environment of New York.

The city

Once we finally reached the center of Prague, there were restaurants, hotels, bars, and stores on every corner. Not to mention, there was a McDonalds everywhere we turned. Street vendors selling hot dogs and ice cream cones were parked all over the sidewalk.

It was beautiful being in the center though, there were statues and mythical buildings. People were even doing street acts, we saw a guy dressed as Aladdin. We even saw a guy posing as Michael Jackson. Performers were out in the city as well. One guy was blowing huge bubbles for kids, for tips of course. We also saw a guy playing the trombone in the streets, a crowd had gathered around him.

The best part is that there are museums everywhere too. They have a sex museum and a medieval torture museum. Prague also holds the largest library in Europe. However, while we were there, we did still see some homeless people, another reason why it's similar to New York. Also, there were crowds gathered all around. Most of them were tourists, while others were native to Czech.