Food is an essential part of our survival. While some people eat food more than others, it’s interesting to know that a few unfortunate individuals suffer from food-related phobias. So much so that it even has an effect on how they live their daily lives.

A few people might be suffering from fear of dining out, fear of vegetables and fear of the mere sight of chocolates. That’s right, someone is actually afraid of chocolates.

Having a fear of a certain type of food can be difficult to handle. A few phobias are simple enough to overcome; while others are far more serious that it’s hard to believe that they actually exist.

Deipnophobia – Fear of dining

This type of phobia is related to the fear of dining at social gatherings such as banquets. Most people look forward to such events, people who suffer from this condition are actually terrified of doing so.

The people who have Deipnophobia feel uncomfortable while eating at public places around people they don’t know. This means that they often say no if they are asked to come to a social gathering that includes dining out to avoid any kind of interactions with people.

The common symptoms of having this type of phobia are freezing up, trembling and even panic attacks while dining out.

Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables

People who simply hate eating vegetables do not mean they have Lachanophobia.

If so, then most children would like to think they have this condition. However, the ones who actually have this type of phobia experience shortness of breath and nausea just at the mere sight of vegetables.

Those who suffer from Lachanophobia may turn to Eating Meat just to avoid vegetables. However, what happens if they also want to avoid eating meat?

They wind up eating sugary and starchy foods instead, such as cakes and pasta.

Xocolatophobia – Fear of chocolates

Almost all people love the taste of chocolates. Whether it is dark or white chocolate, everybody has their own preference. This sweet and mouth-watering candy is usually given as gifts for birthdays and other special events.

While it’s hard to find people who don’t like chocolates, it’s even harder to find someone that fears it. However, this type of phobia actually exists. A TV producer named Andrew Bullock suffers from Xocolatophobia, which has greatly affected his social life.

Bullock couldn’t stand the sight of chocolates. In fact, he claims that he feels very dirty every time he touches the stuff and immediately washes it off his hands.

This could be truly hard for him, as every checkout counter in most grocery stores has some type of chocolate available, strategically placed for those impulsive buyers.