The TLC Reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" is incredibly eye-opening in many ways. Morbidly obese patients share their journey to weight loss (or not) after gastric bypass surgery. Anyone who wants to lose weight, can learn from these candid stories. One controversial part, besides bariatric surgery itself, is the diet Dr. Nowzaradanputs patients on after surgery. It includes lots of protein and shockingly no (or few) vegetables. It might seem easy--just eat lots of meat--but as season 4 "Laura's story" shows, not so much. Here's why post-surgery patients shouldn't eat veggies and how meat-haters like Laura can follow the diet with alternative protein recipes.

Problems with vegetables

So you've always heard that folks don't eat enough veggies and that vegetables help weight loss, right? Well, not for bariatric patients they don't, at least not in the first years after surgery. Gastric bypasschanges how patients digest food and vegetables, being fat-soluble, don't break down in the new digestive environment. They actually cause fat.

Better veggie recipes

For folks with normal digestion, veggies are good and provide fiber (a few, like carrots, corn and sweet potatoes, are sugary, starchy and gassy and can cause belly fat). But vegetables need good healthy fats to digest. Try trans-fat and saturated fat-free Greek yogurt salad dressing. Look for high omega and MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids).

Coconut oil, olive oil, Parmesan and feta cheese are good fat sources too. Adding beans, nuts and seeds to salads add protein, too.

Best meat-based protein

In "My 600-lb Life" season 4 "Marla's story" 800-lbMarla McCants loved her fried chicken. And fried foods, as you might imagine, are verboten on the Dr. Now diet. Marla tried cooking in olive oil and didn't like it.

So a good option is to saute lean boneless skinless chicken breast in zero calorie non-stick cooking spray. Don't overcook or it's tough. Season with curry powder and add peppers, mushrooms and onions. Cook salmon, tuna, marlin, cod or whitefish this way, too. Top with Greek yogurt and dried lentils.

Alternative protein

How about pasta?

Barilla Protein Plus has almost double protein and Barilla makes some low starch varieties too. Try garbanzo, cranberry, and black beans. Make hummus (without oil) for a protein spread. Greek yogurt, almonds, chia seeds, Once Again sunflower nut butter and PB2 peanut powder are lowfat protein sources. Make low carb, high protein egg sandwiches with 35-calorie a slice whole grain bread, turkey bacon, reduced fat cheese and egg whites. Make chicken breast rollups filled with ricotta cheese and tomatoes. These recipes will help anyone beat obesity.