The Opera web browser is one of the best available to computer users today, and that has much to do with the Chromium engine. However, other features make this browser a must for anyone who wants a pleasant browsing experience. Let’s take a look at some of them, the ones that stand out the most.

Currency Converter

Converting currency isn’t new for a web browser since it can be done in Microsoft Edge with relative ease. The thing is, this feature is built directly into Opera, so it works slightly differently. For example, in Edge, users can just type 100 USD to GBP in the Url Bar, and the browser will show the correct numbers.

Bear in mind, for this to work; there needs to be an active internet connection. Now then, due to the use of the Internet, the solution in Edge gives the user access to more currencies.

When using Opera, the user must select a default currency by going to Settings > Browser > User interface. From there, locate “On text, selection convert currency to” to select the right currency. Note that the browser chooses a default currency based on the user’s location.

The only way to convert currency is by highlight text on a web page. There’s no way to change on the fly by using the search or URL bar.

Free VPN

Privacy and security on the web are essential, especially with hackers seeking data and governments doing the same.

To solve this problem, somewhat, Opera decided to provide a free VPN service, and from our testing, it works quite well.

Not only does it works well for security reasons, but it helps for websites that don't work well outside of the United States. For example, if Google Wallet doesn’t have full functionality, just turn on the VPN feature and revisit the website.

Multiple Messengers

If you’re on the web then chances are, you tend to chat. You’re a chatterbox, and that’s fine, just as long as you refrain from annoying people.

The Messenger feature supports the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. To use them, users must first sign in to both platforms. We can say for certain that it works well, so there shouldn't be any surprises going forward.

Love to read the news? Opera has got your back

A lot of people around the world are massive news buffs, so it makes sense Opera would add a feature for these folks to get their fill. It’s quite easy to use and doesn’t come with a host of bells and whistles, and you know what? It doesn’t have to.

Users can check out the top 50 news, and they can also add their favorite sources should they wish. At the end of the day, it’s a simple news reader that works as it should, and we’re OK with that.