Are among those perennially mobile and grabbing lunch at convenient places like fast food restaurants? An eat-and-run habit adhered to most days of the work week can wreak havoc on your health.

Buying burger combo meals or calorie-packed pies rather than healthier foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits not only add to an expanding waistline but leave you at risk for illnesses. Conversely, your body will thank you for trying a plant-based diet that throws in some lean protein.

Improving concentration at work

Things can be worse if you often skip breakfast, deemed as the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast, as many health enthusiasts know, contributes much to concentration and productivity at work, apart from improving metabolism.

With greater awareness and some planning, you can be the healthiest version of yourself. You need not eat less, either, nor avoid your favorite snack and beverage restaurant.

Nowadays, even a coffee chain like Starbucks has started catering to the growing interest of individuals for healthier food options. The best approach is to weigh in on what you order rather than giving in to a craving and follow through. Opt for a sandwich with lean meat and some veggies, for instance, and request skim milk (and ditch the sugar) with your coffee.

Displacing unhealthy options

Time and again, nutritionists heap praises on vegetables that can ward off a slew of chronic diseases. Keep in mind that the more whole foods you consume, the more you are conditioning your body to be accustomed to what is healthy. Healthier foods can displace the many refined carbohydrates you are enticed to reach for.

Len Babauta, author of the book “Essential Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change, Briefly,” says creating a new habit may not happen overnight, but it can be done. She suggests focusing on getting your fill of nutrients the body needs and shunning unhealthy things like too much saturated or trans fats, sodium, additives, and chemicals.

Just about anyone can also transform their current lifestyle with a few marked changes, including avoiding junk food, snacking on healthier snacks such as nuts and dried fruits to ease hunger pangs, and choosing healthy Options even when Eating out. These changes can be very helpful down the road, especially for people with other health conditions.

Individuals with family members afflicted with heart disease can help stave off the silent killer with regular consumption of foods laden with fiber and potassium. Loading up on fruits and veggies with phytochemicals can also be a good defense against cancer. As for those people flirting with illnesses like diabetes, avoiding sugary food and beverages is a must.