Movies and TV shows are created mainly to entertain the audience. The directors of these forms of entertainment often include Death Scenes that are pivotal to their film’s story line. While character deaths by way of gunshots are fairly Common, a lot of filmmakers opt to be more creative.

For instance, there was a scene in the movie “Die Hard with a Vengeance” where a person was cut in half by a cable. People were devoured by piranhas in the film “Piranha 3D” and a person shattered after being doused by liquid nitrogen in “Terminator 2.”

While watching these types of death scenes in movies can be entertaining, it’s highly unlikely to happen in Real Life.

A cable cut a person in half

It’s almost impossible to cut a person in half by snapping a cable. A TV show called “MythBusters” has conducted an experiment that proves it only happens in films.

During the experiment, the hosts of the show, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, set up a rig to see if a cable would cut a pig in half. They applied 30,000 lbs of tension on the cable to create a “whip” effect but were unable to slice the carcass in half.

In fact, the only way the pig was cut in half was when Jamie and Adam wrapped the cable around the carcass and tightened it.

Being eaten alive by piranhas

While piranhas do look vicious with their insanely sharp teeth, they are not the vicious water creatures Hollywood portrays them to be.

The piranhas got their bad reputation probably after Teddy Roosevelt, an American explorer, wrote about his experience with piranhas while in Brazil. He said that he saw a school of piranhas devour a cow carcass in a matter of seconds. However, what he didn’t know at that time was people in the area intentionally starved the piranhas to put on a good show for him.

While there are reported cases where people were partially eaten by piranhas, those people were already dead when the so-called vicious creatures started to bite off small chunks of their bodies.

Liquid nitrogen

Apparently, getting doused by liquid nitrogen and turning into ice is also a lie that filmmakers have made up for entertainment.

On the contrary, if your skin made contact with liquid nitrogen, you would only feel the coolness of the substance as seen in the video below. It’s highly recommended that you don’t try this one yourself.

In the video, the guy intentionally doused his face with a whole cup of liquid nitrogen multiple times and shrugged it off each time. He said that the liquid instantly evaporated after making contact with his skin.