The final episode of “Mythbusters: The Search” has aired. The next generation of Mythbusters are Brian Louden and Jon Juhan Lung. The Science Channel has not offered any word as to when the regular seasons of what the new “Mythbusters” will air/

The final episode of the series reimaged as a competition reality show had a couple of classic myths.

One involved abusing the crash test dummy “Buster” by launching him on top of a water heater repurposed as a rocket. The result was a perfect flight that decapitated the dummy.

The second myth consisted of making shoes out of life jackets and duct tape and trying to walk across a swimming pool while wearing them.

The result was not so much walking on water as it had pratfalls on water.

That Tamera Robertson, the short, red haired lady with a boat load of skills in a variety of areas, did not make the cut is something of a disappointment. The combination of beauty and brains would have brought a lot to the new show. Think Kari Byron from the classic show.

Whether the new show will succeed as well as the old one is a question that hasn’t an answer yet. The myths are just one of the factors that made “Mythbusters” such a success. The chemistry between the taciturn Jamie Hyneman and the hyper Adam Savage, as well as the youthful enthusiasm of the B team of Kari, Grant, and Tori, made the show entertaining to watch as well as illuminating.

Can Brian and Jon recreate the magic of “Mythbusters?” Or, better yet, can they create their own magic?

When asked whether “Mythbusters” could continue during an interview some years ago, it was either Adam or Jamie who replied, in effect, indeed, as long as people persist in believing stupid—er—Stuff. In other words, in theory, the show could go on forever, outliving its original participants.

Old myths will be busted, judged to be plausible, or confirmed. But new ones will always arise to take their place. One can hardly wait for what explosions, flying objects, pratfalls and gross stuff are in the future.