When you’re a British Royal and single, it’s guaranteed that the course of your love life will never run quite smooth. Prince Harry of Wales has long been put upon by the natural intrusiveness of British tabloid media and paparazzi regarding his romantic relationships, his latest (and perhaps strongest) being with American actress Meghan Markle.

Already there has been a past episode wherein a press statement was released by Kensington Palace (Harry, William and Kate’s official residence) to have the hounds lay off of Markle. Signs have been increasingly pointing towards her and Prince Harry getting even closer, as another tabloid scoop is now oh so drolly illustrating.

Stolen moments

The setting of this event was a charity polo match Monday May 8, wherein Prince Harry was competing in. Meghan Markle was also present, this game being the first public outing of the Duke of Cambridge’s younger brother with his now-official girlfriend. Needless to say, the “royal watchers” were having a field day with what they were seeing.

As is the wont of the paparazzi and UK tabloids, they went over the appearance, dress, and actions of the couple right down to perhaps the minutest detail. There were in-depth analyses of the American star’s ensemble – sleeveless dress with asymmetrical hem and blazer – as well as her demeanor while watching her royal beau Harry in the game.

“Today” described Markle’s look as being rather proud.

Once the polo match was over however, Prince Harry and Markle went off to the parking lot and, perhaps in full knowledge that they are not well-concealed, decided to give their observers a money-shot to talk about. Tabloid writers scrambled to give the photos the most crass headline or descriptor they could cook up.

“The Sun” went at it in this fashion: “Your place or mine Meg?”

Background info

Meghan Markle hasn’t always had the rosiest image with the British press regarding Prince Harry paying court to her. A biracial with a Caucasian dad and an African-American mom, Markle in addition to starring the USA Network legal drama series “Suits” has also written her personal opinions regarding ethnicity.

Some of the bile that has been thrown her way was due to some anti-immigrant resentment that has fomented in the wake of the 2016 BREXIT referendum.

The fact that, official statement regarding Markle aside Harry and his brother Prince William are much more open about their personal lives speaks greatly about their more public nature compared to Royals of past generations. Prince Harry has even made plans to finally introduce Markle to his grandma Elizabeth II in the past few weeks or so, though the hubbub regarding his grandpa Prince Philip’s retirement from public duties has obscured whether or not meeting the Queen happened.