A new rumor is out that Gisele Bundchen had a motive in keeping Tom Brady away from Ivanka Trump. The dirt comes from one Anthony Scaramucci, President Donald Trump's former White House communications director. Is there any truth to his speculation? He's giving people a lot to talk about after appearing as a guest on "TMZ Live" Monday. He was only too happy to share his opinion on why Tom didn't attend the NFL Super Bowl part at the White House in April!

Supermodel jealous of first daughter?

Gisele Bundchen is "possessive and protective" over her husband, and she didn't want him around Ivanka Trump, Anthony remarked.

He did admit that he doesn't have direct knowledge of the actual reason why Tom wasn't there, but firmly believes Gisele was trying to keep him away from Ivanka. Does she find the first daughter a threat? While no one knows, Scaramucci throws out the speculation that Tom Brady was "shut down" by his wife from going to the White House for the celebration. It initially sparked the rumor that he was avoiding President Trump. The president noticeably left out Brady's name when honoring the top Patriots players and it was taken as a sign that he was upset about Brady not being there. The reason given for Brady's absence was "personal family matters," and wanting to be with his ailing mother. To hear Scaramucci tell it, Ivanka Trump was the reason Tom was nowhere to be seen when the rest of his football team was in Washington.

Anthony Scaramucci ignites another rumor

Anthony couldn't help but fan the flames by saying it's possible Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump once had a relationship. He refused to say for certain if that happened, but put the idea into everyone's mind. TMZ reminded readers that in 2004, Donald Trump said that Tom Brady and his daughter would make a "great combination."

A source said to be connected with the Trump family denied the rumor about Ivanka and Tom by saying while it's true the pair have known each other for years, it's "untrue" that they once dated.

TMZ published a photo of Gisele Bundchen arriving back in the states after a solo trip to Brazil. The celebrity gossip site pointedly noted she was alone, but didn't appear to have a care in the world. Tom and Gisele are the subject of tabloid reports all the time regarding their marriage. The one about Gisele trying to keep Tom away from Ivanka is a new one, however. It may sting a little more knowing it came from a former White House staffer who many perceive knows a lot about what happens behind-the-scenes in the Trump administration.