The "Complete Selection Modification" series, or CSM for short, is a line of premium grade toy collectibles for the Kamen Rider franchise by P-Bandai (Premium Bandai). These toys are previously referred to as "Complete Selection" prior to becoming CSM.

The nature of the Complete Selection Modification series

These CSM collectibles are usually re-designs of already released "Deluxe" toys, or DX, of respective Kamen Riders' transformation devices and they are known to have more in-depth detailed design and added new distinct features compared to the DX ones as they are portrayed to be very close to what they use in the shows.

In terms of usability, these toys are known to have show-accurate functionality as opposed to their Deluxe counterparts. As a result, the problems that people have had with their DX toys are now being addressed in these improved CSM releases. It has been a tradition where the respective actor of the said transformation device appears when a new collectible is about to be released as a means of promotion.

Lastly, the Complete Selection Modification series are very expensive. So I advise the long-time and upcoming collectors to be wary of their expenses and do the necessary measures to be able to start saving up for these releases, especially if it's from their favorite Kamen Rider series.

CSM Kaixa Gear teaser

Following the story of the Kamen Rider Faiz series, the "Kaixa Gear" is one of the 3 sets of Rider Gears developed by Smart Brain to protect the Orphenoc King. While the other sets were designed to be used by Orphenocs, the Kaixa Gear was the only set where a human dies after consecutive usage and eventually mastering it.

The Kaixa Gear is composed of the following equipment:

  • SB-913B Kaixa Driver (main transformation device) accompanied with:
    • SB-913 Kaixa Phone (gear's main controller.)
    • Kaixa Mission Memory (stores information about the Kaixa Armor.)
  • SB-913C Kaixa Shot (acts as a punch enhancement.)
  • SB-913B Kaixa Pointer (serves as a gateway to perform his rider kick finisher.)
  • SB-913X Kaixa Blaygun (weapon that acts as a pistol, dagger, and light saber.)
  • SB-913V Side Basshar (sidecar motorcycle that can change into a robot in battle mode.)

There has been too little information regarding what the CSM release will contain and what changes are applied to it since its DX counterpart.

Check out the teaser video below and stay tuned for more updates on the 13th of September.

It hasn't been explicitly announced if the reservations or pre-orders for this set will happen on that very same day or not. I'll get back to you guys once I have all the information on the 13th. 'Til next time!