People who are suspected of committing crimes often use alibis to weasel their way out of the situation. While some alibis can be believable, there are times that the alibis they use are so ridiculously unbelievable, that it falls under the category of pure stupidity.

With that said, here are a few suspected criminals who used stupid alibis to try to explain their crimes.

'I’m on a crash diet'

Rashad Valmont, a US Army Reserve Sgt., shot and killed his supervisor, Master Sgt. Pedro Mercado, in his office in July 2010. Valmont’s reason for killing his supervisor – he was on a crash diet.

Valmont was told to lose the extra weight for him to become eligible for a particular course he wanted to attend. During his trial, his lawyers explained that due to his Crash Diet, Valmont became exhausted, dehydrated and delirious.

However, the prosecution retorted that Valmont was a lazy soldier who was frequently late for work and finally snapped when Mercado rejected his request for a vacation.

'I was sleepwalking'

Scott Falater fatally stabbed his wife, Yarmila, 44 times on January 1997. He never denied his actions; however, he did use sleepwalking as his alibi for the crime. Sleepwalkers do have a tendency to have violent outbursts; however, this is not the case for Falater.

After killing his wife, Falater took off his clothes and put them inside a plastic container with the murder weapon and hid them in the back of his vehicle.

He then dragged his wife’s body to their pool and held her head under water. These actions were not done by a sleepwalker, but rather a premeditated murder, according to prosecutors.

The jury agreed with the prosecution and sentenced Falater to life in prison.

'That’s not marijuana sir, that’s salad'

In 2015, Richard Relliford was pulled over by the police during a traffic stop.

The police then discovered 455 grams of marijuana in a sandwich bag inside Relliford’s vehicle.

However, instead of just admitting to the police that it was indeed marijuana, the suspect tried to convince police that the green, leafy contents of the sandwich bag were just salad.

Unsurprisingly, the police didn’t believe a word Relliford said and busted him for drug possession.

To discourage other marijuana users from committing the same mistake, police authorities from St. Mary’s Police Department have posted the photo of the marijuana on Facebook and warned them to think wisely.