The 2017 NBA Finals has seen it all. From Golden State Warriors’ total domination of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first two games of the series to Rihanna’s beef [VIDEO] with Dubs’ star Kevin Durant to vandalizing of LeBron James’ home in Los Angeles. This year’s championship series has been nothing short of a well-oiled machine for sensationalized news.

And then this happened on Sunday.

An NBA journalist took the finals media frenzy to another level when he reported what he described a strong reefer smell coming from the visiting team’s Locker Room right after the Warriors’ 132-113 win over the Cavaliers in Game 2 at the Oracle Center.

ESPN reporter Mike Wise cleared that he wasn’t accusing any member of the Cavs’ roster and coaching staff of using marijuana, but he was very certain that someone smoked cannabis just several minutes ago.

“To be clear, I don't know who was imbibing marijuana in the Cavs locker room -- media that entered, player, etc. But it wasn't a dead skunk I grew up in Northern California and Hawaii. I know what cannabis smells like. Coulda been a cameraman, reporter, whatever. I'm not judging,” Wise posted on his Twitter page.

Fracas right after Game 2

LeBron was clearly taken aback after encountering a brawl on his way to the tunnel following Game 2. Three men started pulling and pushing each other at the time the Cavs were making their post-game exit. Thankfully for James, Cavs’ guard J.R Smith had the presence of mind to push him back from the confrontations, making sure their best player was safe from any unexpected harm.

“It was close, too close,” Smith told USA Today Sports. “Yeah, I pushed him. I wanted to be sure he was out of there. He is the prize jewel right there. It doesn’t matter if I get hurt. It matters if he gets hurt.

“I wouldn’t so much say it was scary. I remember basketball games in the projects when I was growing up you see that kind of thing. But you don’t really want it happening here.”

LeBron’s no-show at podium

LeBron made himself available to the media at the Cavs’ locker room, instead of going to the press podium. James, who racked up 29 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists to tie Magic Johnson for most triple-doubles in NBA Finals history, appears to be irritated by having to wait for his time in the podium so he decided to skip it. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, James also didn’t conduct his media presser at the podium after Saturday’s practice.