A Quick Response code, otherwise known as Qr Code, was initially invented for the automotive industry in Japan. It’s printed on a flat surface or displayed on a screen and consists of randomly placed black squares on a white background. The image can be scanned by a camera which collects data of what the code represents.

However, the technology has become useful in other areas other than the automotive industries due to its faster readability over standard bar codes. The QR code can now be scanned to open web pages, product descriptions and even unlock secrets in video games.

With so many uses for the QR code, here are some of its capabilities that you may not have known. But before trying these out, you have to know that an Android smartphone does not natively support QR code scanning. In other words, you may have to download a separate app called QR Code Scanner from the Google Play. The app is totally free and has no in-app purchases.

QR codes can let you access your Wi-Fi

Let’s face it, even though you have your Wi-Fi password protected at your home, chances are you will still share that password with a friend that visits you. But instead of reciting your password every time to first-time visitors, you can actually make your own QR code and just have your friends scan it to let them access your internet.

There is an Android app called QR Code Generator – WiFi Access. In the app, just input the needed data, which in this case is your network SSID and Wi-Fi password, then print the PNG image and place it anywhere you want in the house for easy access.

QR codes can make your shopping more convenient

QR codes are now being placed on large appliances such as refrigerators.

The next time you go to an appliance center, check out the merchandise if it has a QR code printed on it. If it does, it will likely tell you more information about the product such as specifications and reviews. This is ideal for those who want to do an extensive research about a particular product to make an informed decision before making any purchases.

You can easily find specific apps with QR codes

A lot of new products now have corresponding apps that run alongside it for better use, even coffee mugs. The product usually tells you what specific app to download.

However, you don't need to find the app manually from the App Store or Google Play. Check the product’s instruction manual and you will likely find a QR code which you can scan to locate the specific app you need for that product.