Many people suffer from anxiety. However, there are some tips to help people overcome anxiety in about 10 Seconds. That's good news for those who suffer from panic attacks and for those who get stressed out from time to time. The tips are simple and easy to follow.

Just breathe

Getting rid of anxiety can be as simple as just breathing. Kathy Vandenburg, a certified meditation teacher, says our breath can calm the nervous system. Pay attention to your breathing by using the four, six, and eight-second method. That means a person should inhale for four seconds, then hold his or her breath for six seconds, and exhale for eight seconds.

Change positions and focus

According to Scott Schmaren who is a professional coach and hypnotist, changing your position can also change your mood. When you feel anxious and you are in a sitting position, stand up. If you are standing when you feel an anxiety attack coming on, then sit. Another tip is to focus on your feet to avoid focusing on what's going on in your head. You can also pick an item around you and focus on it. Look at it until you can describe it in detail. While you are doing that, your focus will go to the object instead of your worries. Rather than finding an object in a room to focus on, some people carry a particular object with them. It could be a piece of jewelry or a picture.

When you feel anxious, you can hold the object in your hand as you focus on it instead of focusing on your trouble.

Evaluate feelings

Some people have said that if they resist anxiety, it keeps coming back. They say they let the feelings come because they last no more than 90 seconds even though it seems like it is much longer.

After the anxiety has blown over, people will feel more at ease because the emotions have come and gone. Another tip is to evaluate your feelings to find out how they differ from the ones you had the last time you had an anxiety attack. Also, analyze what triggered the anxiety. If possible, avoid the trigger whenever you can.

Count something

When people can't sleep, they are told to count sheep. To eliminate anxiety, counting something also helps. Count any objects around you instead of just calling numbers. When an anxiety attack comes, find something to count, such as objects on a desk, the teeth in a comb, or the steps on the stairs. It doesn't matter what you count as long as you count something. Counting something doesn't stimulate your brain, therefore, there is no need for adrenaline.

Drink water

Drinking water is an effective way to become calm after feeling anxious. Drinking sugary drinks and alcohol won't do the trick. Psychotherapist Allison Abrams contends that drinking water throughout the day will also keep anxiety away. Therefore, it won't be present to be eliminated.

If you are struggling with anxiety attacks, try any of the tips mentioned. You will find that you will be calm in a short period of time.