Panic attacks are common with about 18 percent of adults. Doctors have come up with tips to help their patients deal with anxiety that might lead to a panic attack. While all of the tips don't work for anyone, they are worth trying when you feel like you on the way to a Panic Attack.

Things to do

Breathing is helpful. Sometimes when people get nervous or become anxious, they don't breathe. You have probably heard someone telling an anxious person to breathe. That is excellent advice and not just something to say. Breathe and be aware of your breath when you become anxious.

It will help you get back on track very quickly.

Slow down instead of doing everything at a fast past. When you slow down, you will become calm and avoid being anxious.

If you are at home, take a nap. A 20-minute nap will work wonders if you are anxious about things. After the nap, the average person will feel refreshed and free of anxiety. Therefore, taking a nap is a remedy to sleep away anxieties.

Relax with a hot bath or shower. People who have a history of being anxious to have reported that they experience instant peace and calmness while soaking in the bathtub.

Take a walk. The exercise and fresh air will help. If you cannot go outside, open a window and let some fresh air come in. Continue to take any anti-anxiety medications you might be on.

Don't do these things

Don't rush to get things done. This will add to your anxiety. Rushing doesn't help at all. In fact, it will only add to one's anxiety.

Avoid driving when you feel that you might have an anxiety attack. That could not only be dangerous to you but to others drivers as well. If you have to go to someplace, such as to the doctor's office, get someone to take you.

Postpone anything else that is not an emergency.

Don't watch the news or depressing shows on television. What you watch on television could make you feel much worse. If you feel like watching television, watch those old "I Love Lucy" episodes or some other comedies.

Refrain from talking to negative people. You have enough on your mind without adding anything negative to the list.

Don't focus on how bad things are going or have been in your life. Instead, replace the bad memory by thinking about some pleasant experience.

Being anxious is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. You shouldn't feel guilty because you are anxious. Anxiety is an emotion that almost everyone has had at some time in his life. Anxiety can be brought on by good things as well as bad things. Getting married, having a baby, getting a promotion, and going on a long vacation are good things, but they all might come with some anxiety.