Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, wears a gray t-Shirt most of the time. While people might think it is the same shirt, he had a whole closet full of them. Besides, it is not just any plain gray t-shirt like the ones you can purchase from Walmart, Target, or any discount department store. In fact, it is not just any Hanes shirt. His shirts are custom ordered from Brunello Cucinelli. They reportedly cost between $300 and $400 each.

Klaus Buchroithner, CEO of Vresh Clothing, has designed a shirt that looks like the ones Zuckerberg wears.

He matched the 100 percent cotton fabric, the color, the double stitching, and even the length, and he is selling them for $46.

Zuckerberg explained in 2014 that he doesn't want to have to make a decision every day about what to wear and what not to wear. He said he could be using that time to be thinking about how to best serve the community.

President Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently posted that her husband, former President Barack Obama, wore the same tuxedo for the entire eight years he was in the White House. That's understandable because he wore it only once or twice a year. After Mrs. Obama made that statement, people went back to look at photos and discovered that he actually wore two different tuxedoes, but since both of them look almost identical, Michelle didn't notice the difference herself.

However, photos will prove that he did wear two different jackets. One had a peak lapel, and the other one had a notch lapel.

He only wore gray or navy suits when he was in office. He once told Vanity Fair that it kept him from having to make decisions about what to wear because he had too many other decisions to make.

Other men wear the same thing

Those who watched the detective mystery television series "Monk" that ran from 2002 to 2009 will remember that the OCD police consultant had a closet full of suits, shirts, shoes, and ties that were exactly alike. He also had a drawer full of socks that were all alike. He would not have been caught dead wearing anything other than his usual outfit.

Giorgio Armani wears the same navy slacks and cashmere sweaters. Simon Cowell wears a deep V-neck t-shirt most of the time. The late Steve Jobs often wore a dark turtle neck. Michael Kors is often seen in similar outfits. It is not that these successful men can't afford different clothes. They just feel more comfortable wearing similar outfits all the time.