We all know how deadly and disastrous nuclear weapons can be. We have seen the first glimpse of the nuclear weapons during the World War Ii when the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place. Since then, various countries around the world are focusing on to strengthen their nuclear weapons. When it comes to the current arsenal of nuclear weapons, Russia stands at the top place followed by the United States. Scientists are also looking forward to using nuclear power as the renewable energy as well. However, there are some accidents which took place post World War II due to nuclear power.

Today we shall look at the top 5 accidents which took place after the world war II.

And the main reason behind it is the nuclear power.

1. Marcoule France

The incident took place on 12th September 2011 in Marcoule France. The accident didn't cost an enormous damage. However, a blast in the nuclear facility injured four people. At the same time, one person was killed as well.

2. Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania

The accident took place on March 28, 1979, in Pennsylvania, U.S. The accident took place in a nuclear facility present in the Three Mile Island. The main reason behind the accident was the loss of coolant facility. At the same time, there were some operative errors as well. When the coolant facility was damaged, different radioactive gases spread in the area.

Though no one was injured due to the incident however, it cost the government about 2,400 million U.S dollars.

3. Hamm-Uentrop West Germany

The accident took place on May 4, 1986, in West Germany. The main reason behind the accident was a THTR-300 reactor. The accident forced the nuclear facility to shut down. The accident caused almost 267 million to the government.

4. The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster

It is one of the recent nuclear accident the world has witnessed. Most of us should remember the 2011 Tsunami which struck Japan and caused a huge disaster all around the country. The northern part of the country was hugely affected. The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster was another part of it. The venting system of a nuclear facility was badly damaged due to the tsunami waves.

Hence the nuclear reactors spread in the area and almost 20 kilometers near the facility was badly affected. It was one of the dangerous disasters of Japan.

5. The Chernobyl Incident

When it comes to the accident due to the nuclear reactors, then the name of Chernobyl incident in Ukraine always will be on the top. It is one of the deadliest nuclear accident of the century, and it resulted in the evacuation of almost 50,000 people from Pripyat. The are area will be unlivable for next 50,000 years.