July 7 was not the day when something memorable happened. It happens every year when we celebrate World Chocolate Day. Who doesn't remember a moment or two when a chocolate bar was melting down in their mouths and dreams seemed so close, so palpable… anyway, wake up. Take a look at several amazing books about chocolate and be careful - books are not for eating, chocolate is!

1. "Chocopologie: Confections & Baked Treats from the Acclaimed Chocolatier" by Fritz Knipschildt

If you want to make a grand apology, this is your chance. Try one of the recipes and I am sure your apology will be gladly accepted.

Award-winning chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt meets us with a whole new level of classy chocolate desserts, such as truffles, bars, cookies, candies, and even cocktails, containing chocolate. A treat for all tastes, seasons, and ages.

2. "The Great Book of Chocolate" by David Lebovitz

Chef David Lebovitz is a real master in his field – chocolate. He gives his readers a deep dive into the history and making of chocolate. He also explains the different types of chocolate, their tastes (with many delicious details), and their health benefits. Tasty and healthy, what's better?

For those trying to keep their waists slim, try this one - Chocolate Fitness Cake.

3. "Nutella: The 30 best recipes" by Larousse

Nutella… I love it! You love it! This book is a must read for any chocoholic. Even though most of us just grab a spoon and start eating this palate temptation, actually there are many recipes in which we can use it and make our lives even sweeter. The book includes 30 recipes - from macaroons and truffles to cheesecakes and tartlets.

I tried the smoothie… it felt divine. Don't hesitate to experiment!

4. "Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner" by Peter. P. Grewing

At first, I thought it was about chocolate and confessions. No confessions, only confections. This book is designed for serious chocolate makers; it is a bible.

It includes information about all the technical details one needs to make chocolate as a professional. The photos in the book are really high quality and mouthwatering.

Unfortunately, usually tasty food goes hand in hand with unhealthy food. However, the most surprising thing is that chocolate not only feels good but is also pretty healthy for our bodies. This is what I call killing two birds with one stone. And if by any chance you live in California, you might go and check the best chocolate shops in the Golden State.