On March 8, 2014, the whole world was left in shock after Malaysia Airlines Mh 370 mysteriously disappeared. For the longest time, what exactly transpired has been a long-standing and highly debated issue. Three years and four months later, such tragedy is worth re-visiting.

What really happened to Malaysia Airlines MH 370?

It left Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on time as it headed towards Beijing, China (PEK). What seemed to be a routine flight to Beijing all of a sudden turned weird. Unfortunately, the weird turned into one of the biggest air disasters in history.

Authorities said that MH 370 veered off its flight path and headed towards the Indian Ocean. Shortly after take off, it took a turn to the west. It was there when it eventually lost fuel and crashed. Most of the passengers were Chinese, however, Australia and Malaysia also joined in the efforts to finally have answers to the tragedy.

The director of search, Peter Foley said that such aircraft was not configured for landing or ditching. This then led to the speculation if someone was in control of the aircraft or not. Many reports do suggest that no one was in control of the aircraft as it just spun and spun until it ran out of fuel.

It is worldwide news that months turned into years but to no avail.

The search covered an entire area of 120,000 square kilometers. In spite of the rigorous search effort, nothing was found. There were speculations that some parts of the plane may have been washed ashore off the coast of Mauritius, Tanzania, Madagascar, and other coastal areas of the West African continent.

July 2016 was supposedly the end of the search effort.

No official news was released if it indeed happened. One thing is sure though, that extending the search means additional $30 million dollars.

Was it a terrorist attack?

This may well be a possibility. To further investigate on this theory, there were a good number of suspects questioned by counter terrorist force of Malaysia.

Several entities were investigated on but no further action ensued. Because of this, more than 100 arrests were made. These were suspected entities to have active involvement with the Islamic State, Abu Sayaff, Al Qaeda or Jemaah Islamiyah.

Since the crash, the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur issued series of travel warnings to American citizens who plan to travel to Malaysia. Fast forward to 2017, this obviously have been loosened as many American tourist flock to Kuala Lumpur and its other tourist destinations.

The Malaysia Airlines MH 370 tragedy remains to be a mystery at present. No one knows how long before this case finally comes to a close. While most have already moved on from such unfortunate incident, some remain to be in deep pain knowing that the simplest answer they yearn for may not come any sooner.

How do people cope with the loss?

Recently, an article featured how a husband is still dealing with the loss of his wife. KS Narendrian unfortunately, had his wife as one of those onboard the unfortunate MH 370. He has been struggling with the loss of his wife. To cope with such loss, he finds solitude by investing an hour or two in writing. He also finds gradual acceptance of the situation by doing his hour-long walk.

These ways are especially important for him to find the words to let himself know and understand his current state of being. At the end of the day, these things he do slowly prepare him to accept the bitter truth. The truth that may considered be the hardest to accept. The truth that his husband may no longer be back to be with him ever again.