Having a pet can feel like a liability to some people. You may never have owned a pet in your entire life, but you can do it now. Owning a pet should not be considered as an exquisite luxury. Pets are new members in your house with whom you can cuddle occasionally.

The benefits of owning a pet are well known. Your pets will never let you feel lonely. Pet owners are reported to have improved immunity, less stress, and more happiness. In a nutshell, they give a gift of longer and fuller life.

If you feel that your financial state or lack of time is restricting you from owning a pet then here is a good news for you.

Here, I have compiled a list of low Maintenance and low cost pets. These pets don't require a large space to live. They will shower lots of love on you in return for just a little care.

You can try to adopt these pets from local shelters. You can also buy the pet at local pet stores.

1. Dwarf Turtles

Turtles can prove to be really sturdy pets. That come with a shell for added protection. Pay attention to the breed of the turtle before bringing it home. Some turtles can grow up to be so huge that you can take a ride on them in your backyard.

Turtles in general require very little maintenance. Dwarf turtles don't grow up to be too large. However, the initial cost of setup can go be up to 600$. You need to pay for an aquarium and other necessary equipment.

In terms of maintenance, their aquarium needs to be cleaned every three weeks. They need to be fed around 4-5 times a week.

They do not require lot of constant attention, and can give you company in those lonely and slow hours.

2. Guinea pigs

There are furry little toys just so full of life. If you want a furry little friend to cuddle all day long, then you can bring one home.

Guinea pigs are harmless. They are safe to have around kids. The cost of guinea pigs ranges around $20 to $60. The initial cost of buying cages and bowls and other necessities can go be up to $300. The cost of other toys and chewing sticks can cost up to $90.

The monthly expense is around $100.

They thrive in company. You can consider buying two of them if you can't spend sufficient time with them.

3. Hamsters

Hamsters are rodents which can disappear with the speed of light when kept on the floor. Hamster arein competition with Guinea Pigs for cuteness.

The initial costs of hamsters be range between $4 to $20. The average life span is around two years. The initial cost of setup can go up to $100 and they the monthly expenses range about $15.

They are low maintenance pets but don't like to be cuddled, although they can be fun to watch.

4. Cats

Cats like to groom themselves and demand very little maintenance. Cats can be adopted from a shelter free of cost. You can leave the cats home alone for 7-8 hours. Cats love to use their litter box. You just need to clean the litter box occasionally.

The average yearly cost of owning a cat is $500. You can reduce the number of visits to the vet by maintaining a good quality diet for the cat.

Cats are fun to play with. They can be really goofy sometimes. Cat are also reported to protect their owner in case of disasters.

5. Budgies

Budgies belong to the parakeet family. These birds are low cost and can be trained easily. Younger budgies tend to socialize more easily.

Budgies can be taught to speak words and do tricks easily. The average cost of bringing a budgie home is $25. The initial set up cost can reach around $120 and the monthly charges can run up to $20.

You can allow the budgie to fly around the room and train it to perch on your finger.

A pet will become your family, even before you realize it. It will bless your life with happiness. It's sorrows will become your sorrows. It will fill your life with a new energy. A young pet will require care in the initial days but after a few weeks it will take care of itself. You will just need to keep the food bowl full. They can also prove to be travel companion under proper supervision.