Created by Legal Lean Co., Coco Loko “snortable chocolate” is coming under fire from the federal government. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer wants regulators to take a serious look at the “raw cacao snuff.”

The FDA needs to investigate snortable chocolate.

Claiming snortable chocolate could be dangerous, Schumer wrote a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking them to investigate the Coco Loko product. The lawmaker states the “suspect” product has no real “health value” and fears children may be tempted to use the chocolate powder.

The effects of inhaling chocolate.

While Legal Lean does not disclose all the ingredients in Coco Loko, the company does admit the inhalable product includes cacao powder, which is used in the chocolate making process and contains a significant amount of caffeine. Users are supposed to experience improved focus, increased motivation, and amplified feelings of euphoria after snorting the chocolate product. According to Legal Lean, the product promises not to cause the typical crash that often happens shortly after consuming an energy drink.

Chocolate is a known antioxidant capable of preventing blood clots and reducing the risk for heart disease. However, it is highly unlikely snorting Coco Loko would provide similar health benefits.

Is snorting chocolate safe?

While the FDA has not yet examined Legal Lean’s Coco Loko, company founder Nick Anderson assures the public that it is safe. The idea for Coco Loko came from the popularity of snorting chocolate in Europe. Many young people even participate in rave parties where snortable chocolate is served instead of alcohol.

While it is likely inhaling a powder through the nose will irritate nasal mucous membranes and potentially block sinuses, no health studies have been conducted involving snortable chocolate.

Anyone looking to buy snortable chocolate can visit Legal Lean’s website. The Florida-based company sells a 1.25-ounce container for just under $20.

Other than cacao powder, Coco Loko also contains Ginkgo biloba, B vitamins, guarana, and the amino acid L-Arginine. The website also offers a grape-flavored, drug-free concoction called Legal Lean Syrup that supposedly provides stress relief. A ban from the federal government of the chocolate product is doubtful anytime soon as the FDA has not determined if they even have the authority to regulate it.