Have you ever noticed how Google highlights special occasions and famous achievers by making creative changes to its logo? Take a closer look and see the artistic rendering of the Google logo when the company honored the 293rd birth anniversary and achievements of Swedish scientist Eva Ekeblad.

Ekeblad was a countess whose experiments led to the creation of vodka. Without her, there may have been one less beverage that the world enjoys so much. Thanks to the discovery of Eva Ekeblad, a female member of nobility got into the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

By using starch from potatoes to make flour for the distillation of vodka, she paved the way for ensuring availability of cereals to make bread. This countered the increasing famines in Sweden during her time. Apart from the esteemed scientists, artists and pioneers have been honored by Google.

The Search Engine had earlier paid tribute to Victor Hugo, author of 'Les Misérables'. The search engine company marked the 155th anniversary of the final chapter of the famous novel's release with a special Doodle. The simple artwork depicted the legendary writer and some of his most celebrated novels.

Google Doodles through the years

It may come as a surprise to many people that the Google team has done over 2,000 doodles.

That amount covers homepages worldwide. Googlers band together to brainstorm and decide which famous personalities and events will be celebrated with a doodle.

Ideas on what exactly to doodle emanate from various sources, including Google users. Besides drawing attention to familiar holidays like New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and other key events as well as anniversaries, doodles are a testament to Google's innovative streak and passion, as well as its overriding personality.

Interesting examples of the Google Doodle include the 2010 interactive logo rendition to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

Downright simple to utterly inspiring doodles

From the first day of Spring to the commemoration of Bastille Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to traditional occasions, the innovative Google team has created simple, inspiring illustrations and animations to highlight people, issues, and events.

With the passage of time, Google Doodles have evolved from simple tweaks of the logo to full-blown artworks that are a collaborative effort of a talented team of illustrators and engineers. This creative bunch has enlivened the Google Home Page and brought smiles and inspiration to countless people across the world.