Asteroids have been predicted to hit the earth. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) want to address the impact of asteroids. The Space Agency plans to launch its DART mission where it will send a space capsule (the size of a fridge) into space aimed towards an asteroid to disrupt its orbit. It is currently in its design phase, and in a few years, it will be on its testing stage. Eventually, it is expected to save the Earth from potential asteroid impact.

NASA to launch a DART mission that fires a huge capsule to hit asteroids

NASA wants to prove through DART the effectivity of the “kinetic impactor technique.” It will strike the asteroid to shift its orbit. Lindley Johnson, a planetary defense officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said that they would do the initial test soon according to the Independent.

DART's target is an asteroid expected to pass by Earth in 2022. When the DART mission is launched, the huge bullet-like capsule will fly up and hit the asteroid. When it finally hits the targeted rock, it will smash into the rock with a strong force because it has a speed multiple times faster than the speed of a bullet. The smash which is intended, divert the asteroid's direction. Will be visible from the Earth.

The targeted asteroid is double both large and small. The smaller on will be targetted. Since it is a larger asteroid, the impact can be clearly seen.

NASA wants to prove through DART mission that man is capable of protecting Earth

DART is a step that will prove that man can protect his home planet according to the co-leader in the test, Andy Cheng of The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland.

DART is intended to reveal the inner composition of the asteroid. Hence, the test is done to an actual asteroid. People all over the world express worry on the possible effect of the asteroid that is about to hit the Earth. For many years, NASA has been monitoring explosions near the Moon according to the Daily Star.

The national space agency is performing its duties to study the effects of other heavenly bodies and spatial matters to the blue planet.

Compounded with the study of the possibility of life on another planet, the agency has its hands full of possible new discoveries. To the spiritual, all these things are bound to happen as prophesied in the Bible and the scientifically-inclined people want to be ready when it comes. The mankind is on its way to discover the vastness and mystery of the created world.