Considering the white hot hate that has been generated by President Donald Trump, it should not be surprising that assassination porn has started up again. The latest entry into the genre is courtesy of Kathy Griffin who holds up what appears to be the bloody, severed head of the president while striking an ISIS pose during a TMZ photo shoot.

George W. Bush derangement syndrome started assassination porn

Death of a President’ was a 2006 docudrama that depicted the murder of then-President George W. Bush. While the newly sworn in President Dick Cheney enacts a version of the Patriot Act that, to quote a line from another movie, makes martial law seem like anarchy, the assassination is pinned on a Syrian-American who is convicted and sentenced to death.

The real assassin, however, seems to be a veteran of the 1991 Gulf War whose son was killed in Iraq and who may have been pushed into pulling the trigger by a shadowy government conspiracy.

Killing presidents by decapitation

Bush’s severed head was also discovered on a pike decorating the walls of Kings Landing in an episode of “Game of Thrones.” No one owned up as to how the head got there, but it can be surmised that someone in the model-making shop had either a sick sense of humor or a burning hatred for the former president. The scene was digitally sanitized in subsequent versions of the episode.

Kathy Griffin is being quite blatant when she holds up what appears to be the bloody, gory head of President Donald Trump during the TMZ photoshoot.

There can be no question of some special effects artists getting their jollies. Griffin and the crew at TMZ are sending a message. All that was missing was the black, ISIS uniformed, the flourished knife in the other hand and the threats and verses from the Koran.

The likely reaction

Most people are going to find the severed display head gross.

While members of the “Resistance” are likely going to be thrilled, the president is likely to get a lot of sympathy. One wonders if the Secret Service is going to get into the act, making Ms. Griffin sweat by investigating whether she is trying to incite violence against the president. One would also think, as Hot Air surmises, that she is about to get a sharp rebuke on President Trump’s Twitter feed.

Of course it could be said that Trump has gotten off lightly so far. A few years ago, an art gallery in Los Angeles had a show of Jesus related art, one of which was a painting of Sarah Palin being nailed to a cross while screaming in agony. All we need is for the Trump haters to escalate into torture porn.