The incredible White Sharks have returned to Cape Cod, which has terribly shaken beach goers and boaters. However, the odds of a direct human experience are imperceptibly little, so is the probability of a serious assault by the sharks. Equally, important is that 2016, witnessed 53 unjustifiable Shark assaults. However, none were lethal as stated by the Florida Museum of International Shark Attack. In general, there were 81 reported assaults a year ago, including four deaths around the world.

Surfers endure most assaults

Massachusetts faced an assault in 2012, when a white shark bit a body surfing man on his legs.

Surfers have a tendency to endure the most assaults. A year ago, 6 assaults included people take part in a water sport. Specialists say that is presumably on the grounds, that surfers invest a considerable amount of time in the surf zone, which is a shark's territory. In addition, one should restrain from places where seals congregate, as they are the most loved prey for white sharks. Above all, beach visitors, families, aquatic professionals and water sport enthusiasts are encouraged to follow best security measures.

Least likely to be killed by a shark

In general, the chances differ depending upon what you're doing in the water. Snorkelers and scuba divers have a high chance of coming in contact with the sharks.

In any case, the National Aquarium in Baltimore says the chances of being annihilated by a shark are one in 3.7 million. Not to mention, you're a great deal more in peril of surrendering to this season's cold virus, auto crash, lightning strike or even a space rock. In addition, Specialists from the University of Florida shark, say that you're 290 times more prone to die in a sculling accident or drown in the shoreline than to endure a deadly shark assault.

Great White Hype, how many are there?

Biologists tracking sharks in Massachusetts say they've recognized 279 types in the course of recent years. Progressively, the sharks have been staying in and around the Cape Cod Bay. As a matter of fact, earlier this month, an 8-foot-long adolescent nicknamed Cisco, was spotted at the bay near Barnstable.

Likewise, there are awesome white sharks living off Long Island, New York, and the New Jersey shore. In spite of the fact, that any dangerous collaboration between a man and a shark is exceedingly doubtful, there's still a profound dread prevailing. What's more, the sea looks profound and remote, that it inspires dread.