WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump has claimed that there are no recordings of his private discussions with James Comey. In fact, Trump says it's “bothersome” that Mueller is friends with terminated FBI chief James Comey. In an interview with Fox and Friends, Trump said that Robert Mueller is, very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome.

Not to mention, Comey was directing the examination until the point that Trump terminated him out of disappointment with the inquiry. Trump says, Mueller Comey friendship is worrisome, that the man examining conceivable ties, is great companions with former FBI chief James Comey.

Should Mueller step down from the investigation?

Fox and Friends released the excerpts late evening, post talking to the president of the White House. Trump was asked, whether Mueller should step down into the examination, on account of his friendship with Comey? “We're going to have to see,” he replied. To emphasize, Comey and Mueller worked together at the Justice Department, under Bush Presidency. For the same reason, Trump thinks they are friends and it's wrong of Mueller to investigate Comey's case.

President Trump tweeted, that there is no recording of his private discussions with former FBI chief James Comey.

In response, Senator Mark Warner wrote, “This organization never stops to stun me.” Correspondingly, Warner is the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. In his opinion, Trump's tweet is a case of Trump's “ability to recently sort of make things up.”

Likewise, Warner included, “It's remarkable the president was so flippant to make his original tweet and then frankly stonewall the media and the country for weeks.” Similarly, Warner questioned that he doesn't know how this serves the nation's interest?

Warner said, it was possibly an attempt to threaten Jim Comey, which clearly didn't work. He said, Trump's tweet has no impact on the advisory group's examination of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

President's tweeted to intimidate Comey

President Donald Trump said, that he “did not make” or doesn't have any recorded conversations with James Comey.

Thereafter, Trump tweeted that he has no clue, whether tapes or recordings even exist. In reality, Trump has been debating, that he approached Comey for a pledge of loyalty. When news of Comey's account leaked, Trump tweeted that, “Comey better hope, that there are no recordings of our discussions,” before he begins to spill the beans.

Equally, important is that presidential recordings can go public under a post-Watergate law. Likewise, obliterating presidential recordings is a serious offense. At present, the advisory group examining Russian interference has asked White House to hand over the tapes by Friday.