Antonio Battaglia is a lawyer in Leon, Mexico and while it might sound strange for someone in his profession, he has come up with the idea of trump-branded Toilet Paper. He plans to launch the new product in September this year. The best thing about the product – besides its obvious usage – is that he will be channeling 30 percent of the money brought in by the Trump-branded toilet paper towards financing programs to support Mexicans and migrants currently being deported by the new White House administration.

Toilet paper packaging image went viral

A photo of the packaging of the Trump-branded toilet paper was posted online earlier in the week and the Internet being what it is, soon went viral. It depicts a cartoon image of President Donald Trump giving the thumbs-up sign, with the slogan “Suavidad sin fronteras,” which translates in English to “softness without borders.”

Trump’s insults against Mexicans gave the lawyer his idea

Expansion, a Mexican news service, spoke to Battaglia about his plans and he told them he first got the idea to make a stand against the U.S. President after Trump’s “insulting” comments about his countrymen back in June 2015.

Trump had called them “bad hombres” and accused Mexicans of bringing crime and drugs into the U.S. He also accused Mexicans of being “rapists,” while admitting that he assumed some of them were "good people."

As reported by the Associated Press, Battaglia said Trump's comments annoyed him and he started looking for a way to have an impact.

He said the product wouldn’t be used to mock the U.S. President, or as any form of revenge, but for something positive. Initially he planned to register a shoe or clothing line using the Trump name, as his family is already in the shoe-making business. However, he soon found out that the Institute of Industrial Property in Mexico had granted trademarks to the Trump Organization.

Then the inspiration came to produce a toilet paper under the Trump brand, which he said was such an ironic product, it would definitely stay in the market for a lengthy time. This time he had more luck, as the trademark for Trump “hygienic paper” had not been taken. The Institute reportedly approved his application for Trump-branded toilet paper later that year.

Toilet paper to head to the shelves in September

Battaglia is finally at the stage where he hopes to begin marketing the toilet paper in September this year. He has signed a contract for a small initial run of the Trump-branded toilet paper, worth around $21,400, which will be sufficient to fill two transport trucks. Battaglia hopes the initial run will bring in enough demand to expand his production. To him, however, making money from selling the product is secondary, as what he really wants is to help the migrants and others deported from the U.S.