The previous creation from Figure-X revealed two life-size figures of Rem from the anime "Re: Zero" and Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari.

Rem is depicted to be cleaning while Yukari is depicted to be a teacher or cook. This time, the same company rendered Yuzuki Yukari differently. She is dressed in a police uniform with a removable hat. Also, the company will not be set a production limitation, according to Anime News Network.

Yuzuki Yukari is a Vocaloid, and her voicebank comes from Chihiro Ishiguro, a voice actress. Despite being used as a singing software, her character became a sensation among fans.

Other Vocaloids are famous including Hatsune Miku.

More detailed images of the previous Yuzuki Yukari life-size figure are posted last year by a Twitter user named otakujp below:

Police officer costume with a price

The newest creation from Figure-X unveils a different Yukari this time. She dresses up as a policeman and measures up to 162 centimeters (about 5 feet and 4 inches) tall with a 1/1 scale (human size). Furthermore, she is made with polylactide, a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester that is eco-friendly.

One Twitter user named Gawain Rei posted the images of the life-size Yukari in a police uniform.

A person that looks at it will have a good day. The price of the figure is about $11,407, which is about 1,280,000 yen in Japan. The price is a tear-jerker, but it is nothing compared to enthusiastic collectors out there. Figure-X will ship the figures at the end of April 2018.

Showing her gentle smile while subtly saluting makes this figure a must have.

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Moreover, the attention to details is superb and excellent.

One feature

There is one important feature that fans and buyers should know about this life-size figure----this is the built-in Bluetooth-compatible speaker.

By doing so, owners can play their favorite music through the speaker inside this figure. Other than the eco-friendly materials that are used to make Yukari, the built-in speaker is an added luxury.

Aside from life-size figurines, there are also smaller versions. These smaller versions are also like jewels in the eyes of a collector because it can be stored on shelves or displayed inside cabinets. However, a life-size figure is not something new for collectors but a limited item that only lasts for a certain timeline.

Lastly, these figures can come from famous anime such as "Dragon Ball," "One Piece," and more. This is the reason why collectors treat these figures as treasures.