We are slaves of our own Habits and eventually, we will turn into something that we keep repeating. If our habits aren't helping us, they certainly don't do us any good. We are barely aware of some of some of them because we do things mechanically. So what are some habits that keep stealing our Happiness?

We focus on everything but ourselves

We spend our days thinking about others, their successes, and failures, but we keep forgetting about our own lives, what we have to do in order to make better versions of ourselves. And when we take control over our actions and thoughts, we are bound to reach the true happiness.

We wait for the perfect moment

The Perfect Moment is a myth. That is the harsh truth. So we can't wait for our whole lives for that moment to come. Moments are not perfect, they are just like we have made them. That's why we need to wake up and start living in a present.

We do our jobs only because of money

If our jobs make us suffer over and over again, our lives will transform into horrible nightmares. It is for the best to do jobs that we love or that at least keep us interested. It is only when we are interested in something that it can give us better results and happiness in our minds.

We hate

Hatred. Not only does it sound awful, but the feeling itself is the worst thing we can have in our hearts.

We are all envious from time to time, and sometimes we even hate so that brings a question how do we put an end to this? The answer is rather simple. Only love can save us from the claws of hatred.

We hold on to our fears

If you look back to your life so far, you'll probably see how most of the fears and concerns you had were not justified at all, even though you carried them with yourself like a heavy burden.

They simply didn't come to fruition and knowing that fact alone needs to make you enjoy the present and let fears and concerns be the trouble that you will face when the time comes.

We cry because of difficulties

A bad day is just a bad day. And every single one of them carries something that we could be thankful for - an important life lesson, new opportunities, etc.

We know that sometimes life can be harsh and exhausting, but it is our angle of looking at things that will make us smarter, better and happier.

We hold on to people that mean us no good

Sometimes all that we need is to turn away from negative people in our lives. We must leave them be, not because we don't care, but because they don't. Let's not try to impress them anymore. Enough is enough.

By respecting these rules you will certainly become one step closer to finding true happiness. And what's even better is that you will never be the slave of these habits.