There are three Common problems with the iPhone’s Battery; it runs out before it reaches zero percentage, the device abruptly shuts down and overheating while charging. Sometimes these are signs that your iPhone’s life is about to come to an end. However, there are instances where these problems also happen to new iPhones.

If your iPhone falls into the latter category, then these solutions might be the answer to your battery draining problems.

Certain apps may be draining your iPhone’s battery life

The best way to know why your battery drains so fast is to investigate your installed apps.

Go to “Settings” and click “Battery.” Under “Battery Usage,” you can see the apps that have been eating away your battery juice for the past 24 hours or seven days. You should delete these apps.

Meanwhile, some apps are regularly updating in the background or continually getting your location data. You can disable these actions by going to “Settings,” “General” and “Background App Refresh” if you want to stop apps from refreshing in the background. If you want to stop apps from requesting your location, go to “Settings,” “Privacy” and “Location Services.”

You should always update your iPhone

Apple regularly releases updates to maintain the maximum performance of their devices for its consumers.

Your iPhone probably needs that update so it won’t suddenly shut down.

To check for a software update, go to “Settings,” “General” and “Software Update.” Here you can see if your iPhone has an available upgrade to its firmware.

If none is available, the next thing to do is try to restore your iPhone from a backup or resetting the device altogether.

The only downside to a factory reset is reinstalling your apps once it’s done. However, your app purchases will be available in the App Store and you will be able to reinstall them for free.

To perform a factory reset, go to “Settings,” “General” and “Reset” then click “Erase All Content and Settings.”

Always use certified third-party accessories to charge your iPhone

If your iPhone tends to overheat whenever you’re charging, you might be using a charger that wasn’t certified by Apple.

Purchasing a charger directly from Apple can be quite expensive. However, having an official Apple brand is not required. You may use certified third-party accessories that have the “Made for iPhone” logo.

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