If you take a trip to some of Denmark's islands during the holiday, you can find many distinctive communities, unique experiences, and trips by ferry bring you your gear. Now you can book your entire trip from home so you do not have to think of anything and just go out and enjoy your holiday.

Holiday on the Danish islands

On the Danish islands you can find a great range of cultural, natural and taste experiences. There are short journeys to many of the islands from the rest of Denmark. Bornholm is three hours from Copenhagen and has a wide range of active vacations.

Danish travel agencies offers comprehensive solutions where you can book transportation, accommodation, and activities for your island holiday all at once. With one click, you are ready to see Denmark in a whole new way on your vacation.


One great destination is the rock island of Bornholm, a popular place for 'outdoor tourism'. A type of holiday where you are active outdoors. Even though Bornholm is only a few hours away from the rest of the country, you will experience beautiful and raw nature, which creates an ideal setting for a wide range of activities.

A number of cliffs make Bornholm perfect for climbing and rappelling and the wild scenery also makes people curious for a mountain bike ride.

If you are a water dog, you can also try snorkeling and diving in the water around Bornholm.

Vacations without worries

If some of these things are appealing, Travel agencies have made it easy to go on an active holiday. With the package 'Active holiday Bornholm' you can enjoy mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, scuba diving and snorkeling safari.

Through the competent partners you can also get tuition, regardless of the level at which you are.

  • Both ferry and accommodation are included in these package so you do not have to think of anything and just enjoy your vacation.

The Bicycle holiday

Another and slightly more traditional form of outdoor tourism is a bicycle holiday.

Like many other Danish islands, Bornholm is also ideal for cycling through many different landscapes and communities. And with the bicycle there is always the opportunity to stop and look at the sights you pass along the way.

And fortunately, practical packages have been made for bicycle Holidays. Travel websites offer different bicycle packages on the Danish islands, which ensures that you simply have to pack your stuff from home and that you do not have to worry about a dthing. This means that transport is provided by either ferry or bus, overnight stays with breakfast, bicycle rental, bike guide book and transport baggage between accommodations.

  • A holiday on the Danish islands is only a booking away. But it is worth paying off immediately, as the islands are very popular in the summer.