You met the man of your dreams, and yet you’re not sure if he’s into you. Well yes, reality speaking, women, often, are having a hard time knowing when to stop chasing and move on from a guy. Don’t waste any of your time.

Girl! Here are the top 5 things that will surely help you out.

He’s too busy for you

This happens when he responds to your calls, text messages or chats days after you ping him. Well, it’s normal for women to give their men the “benefit of the doubt” but it should not always be the case.

If your man is really interested in you, first on his list is to make time for you.

He’ll definitely spend time with you or see you in the flesh to do some kissing and cuddling. He would never spill any excuse about how busy he is. When your man is being serious with you, he’ll move mountains just to be with you.

He’s open to meeting other girls

When your man, on your first date, tells you that he’s not looking for something serious or a Relationship, you got to run. Comfortable talking to you about other women is a red flag. Men’s push-away mechanism is one of their many ways to tell you that he’s not that into you.

He never introduces you to his friends and family

If you’re dating someone who doesn’t bring you to the people that matter most to him, he does not see you in the long term.

You can tell that your man is being serious with you if he asks you out with his friends especially his family. Even a shy and quiet guy knows what to do when he’s really drawn to a lady.

Changing you

From day one, ladies do stand up for what they want and believe in. Hence, if your man is trying to change you even in a subtle way, he’s not really interested in you.

When your man is being critical about the things that most men value, including your personality and dreams, he only sees what he thinks is wrong with you.

Physical relationship

If your man booty calls you every night after a long and busy day, girl, you have to leave. When a man is only available for some sexy time, this is a major sign that he's not serious about you.

The right one for you doesn’t want to know just about your body; he wants to know all about what’s in your mind and spirit.

According to sources, most women fall in love with what men say. Those are, however, cheap and easy. A man’s actions are more important, and that really matters.

For ladies, it is very necessary for them to know how eager their man makes an effort in every way. He has to be consistent in calling you, asking you out and spending time with you. If one of these is not being met, you may be living in a fantasy and might be fooling yourself into something that you don’t deserve.