Small, medium, and large companies are taking advantage of opportunities presented by social media. They are able to maximize the generation of sales leads and improve customer relationships. The communicative scheme has changed and now is now bidirectional.

Until a few years ago, marketing messages were unidirectional. Companies delivered messages through traditional channels (advertising in the press, radio or television, communication in product packaging, promotions and more). Target audiences received the messages but could not respond. That was the end of the information flow.

However, now that social networks have established a new communication paradigm between the company and Internet users, communication must be understood in a bidirectional way.


Social media has become an almost mandatory medium for human communication. For this reason, some can argue that no digital marketing strategy works without social media.

In the diffusion of the content, it is important that some instructions are respected to guarantee that the users of social networks know where the content comes from. The correct use of hashtags to ensure that the content is targeted and segmented to the audience you want to reach. Linking to original content. The idea is that the user can reach the website to gain access to detailed information as proposed in the social platform.

The popularity of social is soaring as shown in recent statistical data. More than two billion users had a profile on these 2016 and 38 percent of organizations allocated part of their advertising budget to the social networks. More than 500 million tweets are sent per day and 300 hours of videos, per minute, are uploaded to YouTube.

These surprising numbers indicate that, among them, there is an uncountable number of users with a thirst to read fresh content, to know new products or services and, above all, to interact with the rest of the world on topics of interest. The opportunity to grow an online business is undeniable.


Webinars or conferences through social media can also be included in live events as a unique way to implement a Marketing Strategy.

Online conferences have a lot of benefits, among which three unbeatable reasons can be highlighted. Some of the reasons that can bolster an organization's marketing strategy include:

Customer loyalty due to exclusive opportunity to provide entertainment, information or instructions about a new product or service. Active presence and visibility of the brand in social networks. Reduction of costs in the organization of corporate events and for the consumer. There are many ways to include social media in a marketing strategy and it is important to experiment with a variety of options.