In the past, Twitter was considered a tool without meaning and LinkedIn was seen by many of us as a digital curriculum. Finally, social media has become an important part of people's lives. For businesses, the platforms have become a useful channel to promote their products and services.

At present, one can not perceive a world without social networks. It is interesting to note that phones were previously only used to send text messages and make calls. This indicates that social networks have permanently changed society.

Access to information

Twitter and Facebook are prominent sources of information and social connection.

Even journalists tweet their opinions live about a particular situation. Users can read different points of view that can help them reach their own conclusions on a specific topic.

If you can not talk to someone on the phone, you may leave a voicemail message or send a text message. You can send a message through Facebook, Twitter and more. You will also know what other people do when reading their posts on social media. Now to be aware of other people's actions helps users identify opportunities.

These opportunities can arise following competition on social media or simply making new contacts. Social networks allow users to amplify a message throughout the world. For businesses, this represents an unparalleled marketing opportunity.

Previously, companies had to spend millions of dollars just to advertise their products around the world.


Despite the many good things about social networks, there are also many downsides. Selfies make it easier for us to draw attention if you take them at the right time or in the right place. They are fun and interesting, but taking a selfie in the middle of a natural disaster or accident is not fun at all.

Now it is easier for people to offload their frustration and disappointment. But as a company, you have to be very careful and measure words very carefully before reacting to a complaint. Always try to help, despite the harsh comments by the customer.

Trolls and pranksters make social media less productive and enjoyable. People behave in different ways when they know that their identity is hidden.

This is attractive to people who want to cause crisis.

Society has gone through a variety of changes in recent years and social media has a profound effect on how people communicate, socialize and do business. It offers us a different way of interacting with people, but they have their pros and cons.