President Trump has made it clear that Social Media Marketing is a problem with all of the "fake news" that is often published. Although there are sites that may publish fake stories, social media is far more than just news. Social marketing allows companies to connect with their audiences and sell more products and services. It also offers an opportunity to build relationships with customers that can't be built in brick and mortar stores. The latest social media trends also reveal opportunities available to help companies grow their audience, making it important to developing effective marketing campaigns.

Effective social media marketing

MediaPost reported that companies run the risk of being labeled inauthentic and untrustworthy when they support media with sponsorships and advertising. At New York's Advertising Week Unilever's Keith Weed, Giant Spoon's Laura Correnti, and Kantar's Nick Nyhan joined Vice's Spencer Baim to discuss how brands can plan their advertising campaigns in a post-truth world. Nyhan said that data can be used to reveal the truth. The problem is that sometimes there isn't one truth revealed from the data. What people say and do is sometimes at odds. Because of this, companies need to increase their reliance on behavioral data to understand what consumers really want. Social listening, a technique used by Unilever, allows the company to listen in on what consumers are doing to find out what they really think.

Having a mission statement and internalizing it also resonates with consumers.

Artificial intelligence, big data useful tools

Tech reported that there were five ways for companies to use Big Data in social marketing. Vision recognition applications allow companies to recognize images in pictures. By recognizing certain images, it gives marketers a way to engage on social media with consumers by producing content that connects.

Personality insight applications allow marketers to understand the deeper needs and characteristics of consumers. Using promotion to target your most likely customers helps increase profit through testing and tracking.

The Sociable said that Artificial Intelligence is also revolutionizing social marketing. Applications like Slack Bot use analysis to take the guesswork out of social media marketing.

Although businesses haven't reached the point where artificial intelligence can handle all customer service, it is being used to handle simple inquiries. Social media marketing also offers big career opportunities for those who are looking for a new career.