Each week, WRIC Television Station airs a "Made in RVA" segment. On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, the television station chose to pay tribute to a Richmond, Virginia woman and her home-based business. What started out to be a party favor turned into a growing company for Trish Riley.

Riley is the creator and CEO of Buttercup Balm, who says she hopes the name of her company will soon be on everyone's lips. Those who have tried the product love it, and they are recommending it to their friends because it is just that good. After the exposure on television, more people have learned about the lip balm.

Buttercup Balm

Riley spoke to Channel 8 anchor Morgan Dean and informed him that her company started by accident. She had no intention of owning a company. She related that she was the maid of honor in her sister's wedding last year, and she wanted to come up with a unique party favor. With the help of Google, she found some good ideas, and lip balm stood out. She didn't like all the ingredients recommended in the recipe. Therefore, she began testing with natural ingredients and candy flavorings and came up with her own versions.

End result

The party favors were a hit at the wedding and people wanted to buy extras. That was the start of her business. Since the wedding, Riley has created at least 65 flavors of lip balm including mocktail and liquor flavor.

She has a men's line also.

Buttercup has grown to the point where Riley needs help. Therefore, her family has come on board and is helping her keep up with the demand. Not only is she making money from her products, but she is also bonding with her son and daughter as they work together. By the way, her daughter's nickname is "Princess Buttercup" that inspired the company's name.

She has a lip balm for men named after her son.

Buttercup Balm is sold at shows in the Richmond, Virginia area and online. There are some interesting names for the flavors such as coffee, mango cream, and lollipop. All flavors have the same low price of $4.99 for each tube. There is no limitation on the number of items a person is allowed to order.

That's good because most people will be tempted to try more that one flavor.

Riley has found that when some people find one they like, it becomes their favorite and they stock up on that one. Since there are so many different tastes, there are some people who purchase several flavors and use them interchangeably. Additional information about the company and how to order the product can be found on buttercupbalm.com.

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