The latest updates for "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will feature new details at Gamescom 2017 and a multiplayer beta test in October.

Gamescom 2017 appearance

Electronic Arts announced that they will be attending this year's Gamescom event on Aug. 21 and reveal new game details for "Star Wars Battlefront 2." The publisher will introduce a new game mode for the sequel called "Starfighter Assault, " and two teams will be competing in its demo.

The demo gameplay will have a live stream at 9:30 AM Pacific and the match will take place in Fondor: Imperial Ship map.

Each team member will pilot their own starfighter as they fight each other to the death in space and will feature an Imperial Star Destroyer that they have to avoid during the match.

The first "Battlefront" game featured space battles but lacked the necessary features and excitement that every "Star Wars" fans dream about. Luckily, EA and DICE promised gaming fans that "Starfighter Assault" will offer much richer experience than its predecessor, providing better controls, customizations, and a new class based system that will put each member in specific roles to win the match.

Multiplayer beta in October

EA will conduct "Star Wars Battlefront 2's" multiplayer beta test on Oct 6-9 for all gaming platforms, but players who have pre-ordered the game will have early access to it on Oct.

4. The beta will feature Naboo: Theed Battle as its main map and players will choose two factions: the Separatist's Droid army or the Galatic Republic's Clone troopers.

The Naboo map was showcased during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as EA's first hands-on demo for the sequel. The game publisher added that the "Starfighter Assault" will be included in the beta.

The sequel will feature characters, vehicles, battle re-enactments from the all of the "Star Wars" movies. The first game was focused on the original trilogy films, but the sequel will include the prequel movies and the latest sequels such as "Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi."

Players can assume the role of a soldier from the Rebel army, Clonetrooper, Stormtrooper, or even a battle droid each with their character classes.

They can also play as favorite characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Maul, Rey, Kylo Ren and more.

"Battlefronts 2" will also have its own Campaign mode featuring a storyline that connects the new films. Players will assume the role of Imperial Special Operations Commander Iden Versio as her story will be told thru her own perspective.

Game director Mark Thompson explained that the franchise has not yet explored the Imperial's point-of-view in the conflict, making an interesting storyline and discover how and why Iden chose to stay with them despite their numerous atrocities to the galaxy.

The game is scheduled to launch on Nov.17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.

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