Marketing offers a wide variety of Career Choices these days for those who are looking for a career that is not only lucrative but can be done from home. Avoiding certain mistakes, especially failing to examine career options, can lead to a far more lucrative career. Understanding social media marketing trends and using those trends is a good step toward building a healthy marketing career.

Mistakes to avoid

Forbes reported that there was a big career mistake that many who want to enter the marketing profession make. Those who choose a marketing career often make a big mistake because they don't explore their options.

This often leads to poor career choices. Many who attend college, and even those who are senior marketers in the industry, make the mistake of choosing a specific industry to focus on, and this limits options. One way for potential marketers to increase their job options is to focus on the marketing role they want to play and then look for companies that offer that role. Since jobs vary in what they entail, it is important to understand what is required in each job and understand that just because certain jobs have the same title doesn't mean that each job requires the same skills. Instead of choosing a job based on the status of a company, marketers need to consider the experiences and learning opportunities a particular job can provide.

Another mistake that marketers want to avoid is venting on social media. The Economic Times reported that venting on social media can actually end careers. Increasingly, there are instances of employees using social media to rant about the companies they work for, and it always leads to trouble. The reason this is so important is that for those who are job hunting, social media offers an opportunity for branding building.

Demonstrating an ability to use social media can help in the hiring process because a lot of companies now search for a person on social media to see if they have a presence before deciding who to hire. Although bullying is only one example of what can happen in the workplace, it's best to deal with those issues with those in the company who are involved.

Building a compelling social media presence demonstrates marketing skills.

Working from home

Marketing careers aren't limited to working in the traditional world. Many careers are available online, and there are many opportunities marketers may want to consider when deciding what type of career they want. Entrepreneur reported that there was eight lucrative work from home careers that job seekers may want to consider, and they could all be done for home. For those who are considering a marketing career, the career choices included affiliate marketer, social media influencer, and freelance writer. Social media marketing offers many career options for those who are looking for a job, and there are many jobs available.