As the first half of 2017 is coming to a close, there are certain trends that small businesses need to be aware of if they plan to compete. Multiple opportunities for growth are available for small businesses, especially online. For those who are considering starting a business now is the time to consider getting started.

What is trending in 2017

Recently Pay Pal announced that they would add new third party tools to their arsenal of tools available to help small businesses grow. Their current marketing efforts are aimed at attracting small businesses that don't currently use Pay Pal, as well as new start-ups.

Cyber security is another issue small businesses be aware of because businesses face increased cyber attacks. Small Biz Trends wrote that Vimeo has announced that it will add Video Cards so that it can compete with mega video site YouTube. YouTube currently controls about 65 percent of the video traffic online. Other tools Vimeo added included better email capture and end screens. Vimeo hopes that the new video cards will allow its business customers to better drive engagement to their videos. The video cards are part of the embeddable video player, which allows users to customize the experience and will work with both desktop and mobile.

Why now is the time to start a small business

The biggest Small Business trend this year is encouraging the creation of new small businesses.

Entrepreneur reported that even if a potential entrepreneur doesn't have a lot of cash to start a business, it's still a good time to build one. The key to building a successful business is to find a problem and then solve it better than anyone else. Potential entrepreneurs can look for gaps in the market by following sites like Google Trends to see the latest product releases.

This allows potential entrepreneurs to spot gaps in the market. Building a presence online is inexpensive, and there are plenty of low-cost tools to assist in creating logos and building websites. The most important thing is to start with an idea for the business. Small business start-ups also benefit from creating and building systematic routines to speed the workflow and get work done.

Good Herald reported that those who are looking to start a business would benefit from evaluating the many small business opportunities that are available. This includes looking for companies that offer a potential for passive, residual income as well as long-term growth. Another consideration is multiple streams of income. For those who are considering selling the products or services of others, working with reputable companies that have already handled the partnerships necessary to build a business leaves the entrepreneur to choose the right opportunity. The first step is training. Step-by-step training and a systematized approach to building a business lead to a greater chance of success.