Dennis Rodman, the former NBA superstar, makes another controversial visit to North Korea sponsored by Potcoin, a cryptocurrency for the legal cannabis industry. Even though Rodman’s goals for this trip are not yet clear, PotCoin’s goal was most probably publicity and it seems to be working.

Brief facts about PotCoin

PotCoin is an extremely secure cryptocurrency network and banking solution for the $100 billion worth global legal cannabis industry. It offers the legal marijuana industry with a highly decentralized banking infrastructure and payment system.

PotCoin claims that legal marijuana industry members who use its digital tokens which are called PotCoins will very quickly realize substantial cost savings, scalability, and unparalleled enterprise and transaction security.

Even though in certain states marijuana is legal, it is still illegal in the United States under federal law so banks avoid dealing with the sector completely in order to avoid Money-Laundering and Compliance issues. PotCoin offers a banking solution to legal cannabis industry members who have no other way of doing business.

Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea was a publicity stunt

Rodman was photographed wearing a Potcoin T-shirt when he arrived in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

After that, he thanked PotCoin for helping him achieve his mission. He has not yet released any information regarding the reason for his visit which has led many people to speculate various scenarios.

North Korea has been described as a cannabis paradise but this does not seem to have anything to do with PotCoin sponsoring Dennis Rodman’s visit there.

PotCoin most probably did it in order to gain publicity and it seems to be working.

Indeed, this was an ingenious marketing gimmick. A company in a controversial sector offering its services to a controversial industry sends a controversial famous person, Dennis Rodman, on a controversial visit to the most controversial country in the world to meet with the most controversial man in the world, North Koreas' Supreme Leader Kim-Jong-Un.

It should come as no surprise that after this ingenious and full of controversy publicity stunt, Potcoin's value went up by almost 97% passing $0.18 on Tuesday. Furthermore, the cannabis backed cryptocurrency has received a lot of publicity in all media. Now even those who never knew it existed have surely read something about it during the past two days.