Soon the Supersonic flaps would be heard in the sky if the airplane that indents to take over the Concorde take off on the flight. As 2018 would give way for 2019, the Boom Supersonic, an epitome of its first passenger plane is expected to set on its first test flight. It has been lately declared that both the subsonic and supersonic tests for the flight would take place in the US.

People's dreams of flying would be filled to the brim, by 2023, if the 55 full seat plane receive its approval. And then, people could travel at ultrasonic speed across the Atlantic.

Facts about the Supersonic plane

  • It was declared by Blake Scholl, the founder and chief executive of Boom that the design of Xb 1 demonstration plane, passed a safety and performance review, ahead of manufacturing at the Paris air show.
  • Orders for the supersonic passenger planes are flowing in from unnamed airlines and has reached a remarkable rate of 76 orders.
  • Blake Scholl mentioned that the Concorde's aim was not to make an economic supersonic plane but to beat the Soviet Union into supersonic age.

Some perks of the Supersonic passenger plane

  • The delta wing of the supersonic plane that extends through the tip of the nose, differs from the Concorde, which has a wing that ends midway.
  • Rather, the XB 1 would use a quieter, and fuel efficient turbofan engine, similar to the ones used in an Airbus.

Price and Charges

The new supersonic passenger plane will charge a price similar to the business class fares of a normal London - New York route.

The Concorde tickets used to cost three times this price.The supersonic passenger plane will be a boon as our lives get busier with every passing second. The plane will take half the amount of time to travel between the two cities as compared to an Airbus.

In the fight between airlines to offer something new to their passengers, the XB 1 would prove to be a great find.Boom being a private company has its own difficulties building the plane, and the majority of the people remain dubious about Boom delivering their promises.

However, the company declared that they have gathered the required $33m for building the demonstration plane.

Alongside the skeptical humans, there are believers who restlessly wait to see their dreams take flight. One among the believers being Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, announced beforehand that he would buy the first ten passenger planes manufactured by Boom. With hopes so high, and wings to fly, the whole world awaits the XB 1 to take to the sky.