Travis Kalanick's resignations as Ceo of Uber earlier this week was supposed to herald a new era for the troubled organization. However, a report in Bloomberg points out that the problems of the company run deeper and those will not go away magically with Kalanick's resignation. Moreover, he will remain a director in the company.

The issues

The end of Kalanick's stint as CEO is not the end of Uber's problems. Over the past few months, some of the top executives at the company have resigned and the new string of appointments would include a CFO, a COO, and a GC among others in addition to a CEO.

That is not only a lot of recruiting for key posts but the company must get it absolutely spot on if they have to move forwards. The company cannot afford to grapple with this issue for long either.

Uber has grown at an astonishing rate over the past few years but if they want to continue doing so then there must be a degree of harmony on the board. The decision to first send Kalanick on an indefinite leave of absence by the board was vehemently opposed by investors who have a board seat and this points to a clear divide in the upper echelons of the company. In addition to that, Bill Gurley is no longer the part of the Uber board either after recent events and it is a cause for worry since he was one of Uber's earliest backers.

Kalanick's shadow looms large

Travis Kalanick's shadow looms large over Uber and his mere resignation might not mean much in the larger scheme of things. For instance, Kalanick's role in the lawsuit between Otto and Google is beyond doubt and it remains to be seen how the verdict in that lawsuit affects Uber as an organization.

The former CEO is also a key protagonist in relation to the company's role in obtaining confidential medical reports in relation to a rape case in India in which an Uber driver is the main accused. The company might have to clean up some of the mess that might have been created by Kalanick.

Contrary to popular belief, Uber employees are not actually happy with the ouster of Kalanick from the company.

Around 1400 employees have even started an online petition through which they showed their solidarity for their former CEO. An employee even took to Facebook and stated that although it was true that Uber is not perfect, Kalanick had contributed to the company immensely and will be missed. The move does not seem to be a popular one with the employees and Uber will not want a dent on the morale of their employees during these trying times.

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