Google's previously released flagship smartphones, the Google PIXEL and the Google Pixel XL, both had experienced some relative success in the smartphone market since its launch late last year. However, new reports are revealing that Google aims to continue that success by ensuring that there is enough supply of components this time around.

Large flexible OLED order

According to reports from several Korean publications, Google has apparently issued a large order of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays from LG Electronics. The company reportedly wants to invest up to $875 million to ensure that it gets a steady supply of Flexible Oled displays for their upcoming new products this year.

A big investment

There hasn't been any confirmation yet regarding LG's response to the offer. However, reports have claimed that LG may still be deliberating the proposal as it could be a strategic investment for them that will have a lasting impact in its future. If LG does agree to Google's proposal, the OLED panels will likely be built in LG's $1.3 billion OLED factory in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.

Keeping up with the forecasted demand

As it stands, getting a brand new Google Pixel smartphone is increasingly becoming quite difficult. Even in the territories where it was launched, namely the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada, consumers are still finding it hard to get their hands on the units.

Google likely wants to avoid the same situation with their next Pixel devices by ensuring that they have a steady supply of components.

Google to take more control for next product

Google's now-defunct Nexus line of smartphones were fully built and designed by third party manufacturers such as Huawei, Asus, HTC, and LG. However, the company apparently chose to have more control in the design process for its latest Pixel smartphones, which was technically still built by HTC.

It might be safe to assume that the company will likely be extending its control even further, at least in regards to the hardware supply, for its upcoming new device.

The era of OLED smartphones

Apart from Google, Apple has reportedly also placed a big order for OLED displays with Samsung. Reports have revealed that Apple has placed a substantial order for millions of OLED displays to be manufactured.

The components will reportedly end up on their high-end iPhone 8 variant, tentatively called the Apple iPhone Edition. Apple's order is reportedly so large that it will take up 56 percent of Samsung's OLED production capacity.