LG, the worldwide leader in consumer electronics like televisions, has revealed plans to introduce a new range of television sets that are impossibly thin like a wall paper and can be easily stuck to a wall for display or be removed from it. The 55 inch television is based on the OLED technology (organic light emitting diode process), weighs about 1.9 kilograms, and has a thickness of less than 1 millimeter.

The technology behind the TV

There is a magnetic mat that sits behind the television on the wall, so the TV can easily stuck to a wall for display.

To remove the television from the wall, one needs to peel off the thin screen from the wall like the peeling off of an orange. The OLED technology adds an organic compound layer that makes for the creation of excessively thin screens. Along with emitting its own light, and eliminating the need for any backlight, OLED technology is not just suitable for thin televisions, it is also an emerging trend in wearables and mobile products.

Production of the TV

OLED screen televisions have been developed by companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony, but the prices are also a bit steep. LG has become the first company to mass produce large screen OLEDs for televisions but this new wallpaper TV with exceedingly thin screen may not available in stores soon at reasonable price.

OLED televisions can definitely replace the earlier breed of LCD or liquid crystal display television sets as these OLED TVs are much thinner and also look cool to use.

LG unveiled the new thin wallpaper TV at its home country of Korea and plans to introduce the product to other countries. With this new television and the large screen display on the wall and ability to peel off easily from wall is a sleek innovation in the worldwide television market.

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The OLED television from LG comes as a boon to consumers who have been used to thick screens and the inability to move TV sets with ease. The wallpaper TV from LG also looks cool, like a wallpaper that can he hung on the wall and peeled off easily and conveniently.