Hooters is known for its female servers wearing skimpy outfits. A new restaurant called Hoots is opening this month that will have both male and female servers. The restaurant will offer some of the same foods that have been popular for years, except the selections will be limited to a fast, casual menu. Don't worry, because Hoots will also serve the delicious chicken wings that Hooters is known for. Hoots will have dine-in and take-out service. A big feature that will be quite noticeable is that the servers will not be wearing the Hooters uniforms at the new restaurant.

About Hooters

There are more than 430 Hooters worldwide, including those in 29 countries. However, the new restaurant is opening in only one place for now. Hooters servers are usually attractive young women, known as "Hooter Girls." Some employees are men, but they are used as cooks, busboys, and managers. Hooters has a full menu, including steaks, seafood entrees, hamburgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and chicken wings -- which happens to be a favorite for most of the customers.

About Hoots

The first 2,800 square foot Hoots restaurant will open in the Chicago area later this month. It will seat 75 people and will have a full service bar just like Hooters. The male and female servers will not go to individual tables to take orders.

Instead, customers will order at the counter.

Hoots will be under the same franchise as Hooters, but the two restaurants will be different. Hooters Management Corporation operates Hooters restaurants worldwide, but Hoots will be located only in Cicero, Illinois, about 23 miles away from Chicago. Servers will be a combination of male and female.

Females will not be wearing the orange short shorts and tight white tank tops that Hooters customers are accustomed to seeing.

What do you think about the new restaurant? Do you think Hoots will be as popular as Hooters? Do you think customers will find it strange that there will be both male and female servers, and the iconic uniforms will be missing?

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