"Pokemon Go" earned more than $1 billion in six months. According to a study by the analytical firm Sensor Tower, the smartphone game became the most profitable mobile app of 2016. Although "Pokemon Go" has fewer users than before, the mobile app continues to generate extraordinary gains for Nintendo, owner of the brand. Pokemon players spend a lot of money to achieve their goals, and it seems that a lot of players have no intention of quitting the game. Many believe that the mobile app no longer generates interest, but that is not true. Niantic is still releasing updates for the app, as well as new, playable pocket monsters to boot.


As was the case on Halloween, "Pokemon Go" will have new updates for Valentine's Day. The game will celebrate love with the arrival of two new pokemon: Espeon and Umbreon. In addition, Nintendo listened to users and attempted to satisfy them by introducing changes in the game to make it more fun. Thanks to these strategies, "Pokemon Go" is still in force worldwide because Nintendo has an open line of communication with users. The game is really addictive and those who keep playing do not miss any updates.


It can be said that "Pokemon Go" was the most successful mobile app of 2016, but its success was proportional to the negative reviews that it received. Many pointed out that the game encouraged individuality and selfishness.

Several countries, such as Venezuela, Egypt, and Malaysia forbade "Pokemon Go," and considered it harmful to the mental health of society. In Saudi Arabia they believe that this game is as bad as alcoholism, something forbidden among the Muslims. Although "Pokemon Go" is just a game, many believe it is too harmful for teenagers, who are still developing their personality.

The funny thing is that while "Pokemon Go" receives many terrible reviews, the game continues to generate millions of dollars."Candy Crush," Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," and "Clash of Clans" also have been very popular games, but "Pokemon Go." tops them all.

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