Nowadays, many of us want a job that requires working from home, with a short program or a flexible one paid very well. Also, this kind of job of the future is offered by many sites that gives money for different types of services. From writing articles or translating a text to just clicking on some sites or other stuff, you can earn a good amount of money in a short period of time.In this article you will find some examples of well-paid jobs on the Internet.

1. Blogging

The most common source of money from the internet is blogging. In fact, many people use blogging for sharing their opinions, articles, or other stuff, which people see while surfing on the internet.

Also, advertisements are part of a blog and are the main source of money for blogger. With a blog with around one thousand visitors/day, a blogger can earn from $0,5 to $30 per day.

2. Design themes

All websites and blogs need themes, which shows how the site will look like. Nowadays, a site with a better look gains more traffic, also more money than others with even better content, but with poor design. So, with skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Photoshop or Web design sense, you can earn everywhere between $10 and $100 per theme.

3. Online translator

Thousands of documents need to be translated into another language, but if the possessor of one of this kind of documents doesn't know a foreign language, this thing should be pretty hard.

On the internetthereare many sites that offer something like a market for translation, where clients ask translators for help and then pay them for their work.

4. YouTube

If you have a creative mind, an interesting video and good editing video skills, you can make money from a YouTube channel. The amount of moneyyou could gain depends on how many subscribers and how many viewers you have at your posts per month.

For example, a YouTube channel which has one million subscribers can bring an income between $100,000 and $300,000 per month. Even if you don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars, YouTube is a great way to make a decent income with dedication and hard work.

5. Sell your old or new stuff

Internet is an online market with millions of transactions everyday.

There are hundreds of online services where you can easily sell your things that are no longer in use. Everything can be converted into money, from old CDs, books, clothes, to mobile phones or cars and more than that, everyone can do this job and get money with just a few clicks.