It will soon be possible to get streaming DirecTV in three different ways thanks to AT&T. The company made the announcement Tuesday. These new methods will allow for AT&T customers to stream TV from both wired and wireless devices.

The new services are slated to begin in the last few months of 2016. The services will be able to be streamed from both Internet and mobile connections.

New Options for Streaming DirecTV

Your first option will be DIRECTV Now. It will offer all content in its current packages, including add-ons, live, and on-demand video.

This stream-based service will work on any device that can accessthe Internet.

Another choice for streaming DirecTV is DirecTV Mobile, an app that is only compatible with smartphones,and will include the same type of content. In addition to this, videos geared toward younger children, which have been created by Otter Media, will also be available. This option is courtesy of an AT&T joint venture with an investment group headed by media entrepreneur Peter Chernin.

The third option, ad-supported DirecTV Preview, will offer content from "AT&T’s AUDIENCE Network." This option allows customers to view content for free. The network has a lot to offer to customers, including exclusive original videos, in addition to Otter Media offerings.

No DVR or Unlimited Content

The new service will not give subscribers unlimited DVR capabilities. In other words, you will not be able to watch all of the episodes of every show you want to see.

At this time, AT&T didn’t release any information about how much these streaming DirecTV options will cost. However, CEO of AT&T Entertainment John Stankey statedthat the new deals will be less expensive than the current bundles that are offered.

AT&T Taking Advantage of DirecTV Purchase to Widen Net

Unfortunately, without the pricing details from AT&T, it is very difficult to compare whether or not AT&T’s deal will be a worthwhile investment compared to those offered bycompetitors - which include Dish’s Sling TV service and Verizon’s Go90.

Considering the fact that AT&T spent so much money on acquiring DirecTV last year, it’s safe to assume that AT&T has something big planned for this new deal.

If the company wants to be competitive, the prices are not likely to be too expensive and considering the size of the network, it should be affordable for those not wanting to be attached to a cable box for streaming DirecTV.

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