In view of escalating tension between Ukraine and Russia, NATO announced that some member countries plan to deploy troops to Eastern Europe. These could include naval and aerial forces and they would be on standby. The United Kingdom and the United States directed families of diplomats to travel back to their countries. It is necessary to ensure their safety amid concerns of a Russian invasion. The problem between Russia and Ukraine has been simmering for months. Russian forces have been gathering at the border with Ukraine since last year. It has also planned for joint exercises with Belarus.

In order to do that, Russia has sent its troops there. Officials in Ukraine are worried about the developments and interpret them as preparations for an attack.

The Kremlin has denied any such move but added that NATO’s support to Ukraine is a threat to Russia. High-level talks between Moscow and Washington did not provide any breakthrough. On the other hand, Russian troops on the border of Ukraine send out disturbing signals. The Biden administration is considering deployment of around 5,000 U.S. troops to add to the strength of NATO allies in the region.

Pentagon confirmed readiness of U.S. troops for deployment

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO was "not threatening Russia." In fact, there was no suggestion that the troops would assist Ukraine, which is not a NATO member.

He said the intention is to take suitable action to ensure prompt response to the deterioration of the security environment. It would include strengthening the collective defense. Member states of NATO had announced various types of deployments to the region. These include naval and aerial supports. The opposition to the moves of Russia is evident from the actions of NATO, Europe and the U.S.

Crossing the border of Ukraine by any Russian troops would constitute an invasion. Pentagon confirmed readiness of U.S. troops for deployment.

Russia has mobilized its troops on Ukraine's border

The mobilization of Western forces has links to increase in military movements of Russia on the border of Ukraine. Defense Ministry of Ukraine estimates the presence of nearly 127,000 Russian troops on the border.

There are Russian military present in other parts of Europe. The Defense Ministry of Russia announced last week about the participation of ships and servicemen in exercises from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The ministry explained that the main purpose of the drills is to protect the national interests of Russia in the world's oceans.

U.S. puts its troops on high alert

The Pentagon revealed about possible deployment of U.S. troops to Eastern Europe. They would bolster NATO forces amid ongoing Russian aggression on the border of Ukraine. The forces might have to move out at very short notice, depending on developments related to fears of a Russian invasion. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned about a lightning raid by Russia on Ukraine's capital Kyiv.

NATO has about 4,000 troops in different countries equipped with tanks, air defenses and intelligence and surveillance units. Moscow denies it is planning an invasion. The British Prime Minister held a virtual meeting with important leaders and NATO to discuss the situation. They agreed that diplomacy with Russia was still the "first priority." They also agreed that in the event of a further Russian incursion into Ukraine, allies must go in for swift retributive responses. These could include a package of sanctions.